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Volker Auch-Schwelk and his team are consultants for authorities, developers and planners for all aspects of sustainability. Our intention is the additional benefit You can gain, when energy efficiency, low life cycle costs, healthy materials and options for conversion come together.

We campaign for an holistic approach in planning and construction. If architects and developers want to respect the requirements of climatic change, financial guidelines and the demographic change they are facing big challenges.  Every decision made,  influences the building attributes during the entire life cycle. All the projects need individual consulting.

Our competences include ecological, economical and social aspects. Acknowledged methods and our interdisciplinary network improves your project. We support the planning process from the beginning until the completion.  The fields of sustainable strategies include products, buildings and urban districts.

Services to authorities, developer and planners

Sustainable urban design

  • Sustainability aspects for competitions and design processes
  • Management for the development of urban districts
  • Assessment according to DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council)
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Strategies for refurbishment

Services to developers, clients, planners and construction companies

Sustainable Buildings

  • Competitions support for sustainability aspects
  • Coordination of Integral Planning
  • Consulting planning and construction
  • Building Assessment according DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council)
  • Improvement for efficiency of resources
  • Life Cycle Cost
  • Environmental Life Cycle Assessment
  • Materials for a healthy interiors
  • Concepts for conversions

Services to product companies

Sustainable products

  • Strategies for product development
  • Providing data for LEED,BREAAM, DGNB
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Information about integral planning and building assessments
  • Individual advanced training
  • Coaching to implement sustainable targets for the company


  • Aldinger Architekten Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart
  • Architektenkammer Niedersachsen
  • Reiner and Jörg Bessey, Schönaich
  • Helga Blasenbrey, Waiblingen
  • Joachim Eble architecture, Tübingen
  • Gruoner + Partner, Ulm
  • Hansgrohe SE, Schiltach
  • Hullak Rannow architects, Ulm
  • Institut Fortbildung Bau Stuttgart
  • LBBW Immobilien Kommunalentwicklung GmbH
  • Reichel architects, Kassel
  • Simon Neuer Consulting Management, Bad Reichenhall
  • City of Ludwigsburg, departement for sustainable development
  • Straehle Raum-Systeme GmbH
  • Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart

Publications (english)

  • „Construction Materials Manual“,
    Hegger et al., Detail/Birkhäuser, Stuttgart 2005

Teaching experience:

  • Technical University of Darmstadt 2003-2008
  • Biberach University of Applied Science 2012
  • University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart 2013


Volker Auch-Schwelk

The architect and urban designer Volker Auch-Schwelk is an expert for sustainability. He is focusing on Integral Planning for many years - as a project manager in architecture offices and as a research assistant for the University of Darmstadt.

He is one of the authors of the “Construction Materials Manual” published in Stuttgart 2005 by Birkhäuser/Detail. Since 2008 he is an engineer for energy efficiency. He was the manager for system development at the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) developing some of the most important assessment systems in Germany. He is an auditor for buildings and urban districts.

Volker Auch-Schwelk is educating at the professional associations “Ecology” and “Efficiency of resources” and he is teaching at universities. Volunteering at the chamber for architectural association, he is the chair of the “committee for sustainable planning and building.” Volker Auch-Schwelk is a consultant for planers, clients and public authorities for all questions about sustainability.